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About Us

DLJ Towing & Roadside Assistance in Orlando, Florida provides local and long distance towing, roadside assistance, lockout, winch-out, flatbed towing, and tire changing services at affordable prices.
The idea for our business began when our founder, Danny, got tired of paying outrageous prices for towing, so he bought a truck and started offering towing services at reasonable rates. His main focus is to understand and listen to what you need, so that he can provide the precise service required and won’t overcharge you for it. At DLJ Towing & Roadside Assistance, you are a valued part of our business and therefore, our goal is to provide excellent service that won’t leave you broke during a tough situation. We are strongly motivated to helping you out first and then we set a price that’s fair for the services provided.
With over a decade of experience, we are highly distinguished from regular companies, for towing our clients at a lower rate than the others in our area. Our customer’s response is always “WOW” and they have written, heartfelt reviews and testimonials about our amazing services.

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Mission Statement

When life gives you an unexpected blow, don’t let the fear weigh you down. Our founder’s life almost came to an end after a tragic accident, but after pulling himself out of the darkness, he was fueled by the motivation to shrug off this happenstance and turn into a lucrative business. Anyone can be a victim of circumstance, the power to overcome it, lies within yourself. The sky is the limit.

The residents of Orlando that have tried our Winch Out Service have all raved about how friendly and knowledgeable our staff is. We know your satisfaction with our Winch Out Service
is the only thing that will make you use us again, and more importantly cause you to refer any friends or family to us.

We know we have to give you a great price for our Winch Out Service and make it an easy and enjoyable experience in Orlando.

The easiest way for us to prove to you how well we provide our Winch Out Service is by trying us out. Please call us today so that we can help you with all your Winch Out Service needs across Orlando.

Thank you for you visiting our website and all of us at DLJ Towing & Roadside Assistance thank you for your business.